Tips for completing your logbook

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A learner driver is required to log 100 hours of supervised driving in their logbook. Entries must be completed in pen (not pencil). Any pencil entries will be rejected by Queensland Transport. All relevant information needs to be written in full – ditto’s are not accepted.

Of the 100 hours to be completed – 10 hours of actual night driving must be recorded. The accepted hours for night driving are after sunset and before sunrise.


Sending the Logbook Off

Once the logbook hours are completed, the declaration at the back of the book needs to be filled out, and then signed by the learner driver and their signature verified. It is always a good idea to double check that all entries add up to 100 hours or over.

Take the completed logbook to any post office. Australia Post will send the logbook away to Brisbane at no charge. Queensland Transport allows 10 working days to approve logbooks.

Practical Driving Test

Logbooks are not returned. When the logbook is checked by Queensland Transport you will be notified of the outcome. Once the logbook is approved the learner driver can then undertake the practical driving test.

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