If it’s flooded – forget it

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Never drive through floodwater

More than half of flood-related deaths are a result of driving through floodwater. Any amount of swift flowing water can sweep away your car- no matter what vehicle you drive.

Don’t risk it. If it’s flooded, forget it.

Road Signage

The Fraser Coast region enjoys hot humid summers with heavy rainfall. Unfortunately our summers can also cause flooding with roads cut off or washed away due to heavy rain.

If you are driving in an area that is affected by flooding – look out for signs warning you of roads that are unsafe to use. Be aware a road may not be safe even if the floodwater has subsided – and if you ignore these signs, you may be fined.

Flooding Signs

The road is temporarily closed because of flooding.


The road is temporarily closed because it is flooded or it is damaged due to fallen trees or an accident etc.



There is a temporary road closure ahead – although traffic can find an alternative route.


There is water over a road ahead – although traffic can still pass with care.


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This post was written by Hervey Bay Driving School