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Statistics are Unbelievable

The statistics are staggering – one child is run over in their driveway every week in Australia. On average, seven children are killed each year and sixty are seriously injured after being hit or run over by a car at home. 90% of children killed and 70% of those seriously injured are under 5 years of age.

The car is usually moving at low speed and is often driven by a parent, friend or family member, and can be moving forward or reversing. Even if your car has parking sensors or a camera fitted – you may not notice a small child until it is too late to stop.


How to Keep Small Children Safe

  • Supervise: Hold their hand or keep them close whenever a car is moving.
  • Home Alone: If you are the only one at home and need to move your car, then place the children in the car with you.
  • Play in Safe Areas: Encourage children to use safe play areas such as a fenced backyard, and avoid playing on the road or in driveways.
  • Blind Spot Mirrors: Be aware of your car’s blind zones and learn to use your mirrors effectively.


Be Aware

A good driver will look around as they approach their car, maybe even walk around the car to check it is safe – before driving out of a driveway or yard. Mums and dads must take an active role and teach their learner drivers to be just as cautious as they are and to ‘be aware’ at all times.


Do you know…

A driver must apply the handbrake, turn the engine off and remove the keys from their car if he or she is going to be more than three metres away from the vehicle.

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