Driving Tests

Learner drivers are eligible to take the practical driving test when:

  • they are 17 years or older;
  • they have held a learner licence for 12 months or more
  • their logbook is approved (for learners under 25 years)

We can prepare you thoroughly for the 30-40 minute driving test so you know exactly what to expect. A pre-test assessment is a very helpful tool - it enables you to experience test conditions by participating in a mock test with the instructor. The results are reviewed and further training can be provided if required.

We can help you pass your driving test with ease:

  • by fine-tuning driving skills
  • by correcting bad habits
  • by enhancing manoeuvre techniques, such as reverse parking & hill starts
  • by assessing your road rule knowledge
  • by taking you on test routes

We can motivate and inspire you to drive to your highest potential. We can help you overcome your nerves and focus on your strengths.

If you have good driving skills and are well-prepared - then you can relax and pass your driving test with confidence and ease.

Fraser Coast Testing Centres are located at Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

How to book a driving test

Driving tests can be booked directly with Queensland Transport:

The easiest way to book a driving test is to simply let us do it for you. Contact us today to organise your test.

If you fail your driving test

From 1st January 2015 Queensland Transport introduced a cooling off period for those who fail their practical driving test.

If you fail once - you can re-sit your driving test on the next day and anytime after that.

If you fail twice - you can only re-sit your driving test on the 8th day after the second test and anytime after that.

If you fail three times or more - you can only re-sit your driving test on the 29th day after the third and subsequent tests that you failed.

Interstate Learners

You can have lessons in Queensland with a current interstate Learner Licence, but you need to apply for a Queensland Learner Licence prior to booking your driving test.

Overseas Licence Conversion

Overseas drivers are encouraged to read Your Keys to Driving in Queensland – an easy-to-read booklet on the Australian Road Rules and the Queensland driver licensing system. This booklet is available at newsagents, Queensland Transport centres and also online at

An overseas driver is required to pass the written road rules test prior to having professional driving lessons and undertaking the practical driving test. Exemptions do apply in certain circumstances so it is best to contact Queensland Transport for advice.

If you need assistance, Hervey Bay Driving School can provide tuition to help you understand the Australian road rules, prepare you for the written test and arrange the practical driving test.

Overseas drivers are required to produce the following documents:

  • Current Passport / Visa
  • Current Foreign Driver Licence – in English; or English Translation
  • Customer Reference Number – provided by Queensland Transport after passing the written test.

As the legislation is quite complex and can change, we suggest you contact Queensland Transport on 13 23 80 for further clarification.

New Rules - 2014

The rules for overseas licence holders changed on 1st January 2014.

Now, if you fail a practical driving test , you must obtain a Queensland Learner Licence to continue driving in Queensland. This also allows you to have lessons to enhance your driving skills.

Unfortunately it also means you are unable to drive in Queensland using your overseas licence.

When you pass your practical driving test you will be issued with a Queensland Driver Licence allowing you to drive in Queensland.

Why did the rules change?

An overseas licence holder who fails their driving test may not have the skills required to drive safely on our roads, and therefore could be a potential risk to other road users.

To pass the practical driving test you must demonstrate that you have competent driving skills.

If you want help to get a Queensland Driver Licence – call us on 0417 631 220.

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