Auto Driving Lessons Hervey Bay

Lessons at Hervey Bay Driving School are delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner and are personally tailored to suit the specific needs of each student.

We provide practical training in a wide range of driving skills including:

  • PRE-DRIVE CHECK – use of vehicle controls such as mirrors, headlights, indicators, wipers
  • VEHICLE OPERATION - use of accelerator and brake pedals and steering
  • MANOEUVRES - reverse parks, u-turns, hill starts, reversing in a straight line
  • GENERAL DRIVING – use of intersections such as roundabouts and merging onto highways
  • ROAD RULE APPLICATION – practical application of the road rules in different situations
  • DEFENSIVE DRIVING – techniques applied to steering, braking, posture and hazards

Driving lessons are structured to incorporate the range of skills required to pass a practical driving test and to be a safe and competent driver. Comprehensive on-road training is the key to your success.

Click here to book online or phone 0417 631 220.

Lesson Assessment

A full assessment of your driving ability is carried out during the first lesson and recorded on a Learner Driver Assessment Form. This form is adjusted after each lesson and kept with the driving instructor for future reference.

Learner Licence & Logbook

Students must bring their learner licence to every lesson. Learners under 25 years need to also bring their logbook so the driving time can be recorded and verified by the instructor.

Remember, the first 10 hours of training with a Driving School equates to 30 hours in the logbook.

What is a Keys2Drive Lesson?

Hervey Bay Driving School is committed to driver safety. We actively support keys2drive – a national program funded by the Federal Government that promotes safe driving for learners and their supervisors.

The free 60 minute lesson focuses on a coaching method called ‘Find Your Own Way’.

For more information and to register visit their website at: www.keys2drive.com.au

To book in - phone 0417 631 220 and have your ID Number and Learner Licence details handy.

Refresher Lessons

We offer an intense driving program to enhance the driving skills of licensed drivers. Age is no barrier – our students have included young and mature drivers – our oldest driver being well over 80 years of age.

Queensland Transport

Queensland Transport encourages learners to have professional driving lessons with the new 1:3 ruling in the learner logbook. It’s all about road safety and ensuring young drivers have comprehensive on-road training before going solo.

One hour of training with an accredited driving instructor is counted as triple time in the logbook, for up to 10 hours. Therefore, the first 10 hours of tuition with Hervey Bay Driving School equates to 30 hours in the logbook, and that’s a great incentive to all new learners.

How to apply for a Learner Licence

We recommend reading 'Your keys to driving in Queensland' to help you understand the Australian Road Rules and the Queensland driver licensing system. This booklet is available at newsagents, Queensland Transport centres and also online at www.tmr.qld.gov.au.

To apply for a learner licence you need to:

  • be 16 years of age; or older
  • complete an application form provided by Queensland Transport;
  • take this form and proof of identity to your local Queensland Transport centre; and
  • pass the written road rules test

Hervey Bay Driving School can provide tuition to help you understand the Australian road rules and to prepare for the written test.

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